Arras (February 2018)

When I bought my motorhome, I thought I would take trips every weekend, but this has not happened. I do not know why, maybe it’s time, maybe it’s money or maybe it’s both.

From time to time, I think we are guilty of postponing our ambitions. We can tell ourselves that the timing is not good, that we are not prepared or that the stars are not aligned. What do we achieve when we do nothing? Nothing. I want to live like bohemians, to travel, to see new places, to be unconventional, and I have to do it today not tomorrow because tomorrow may not happen.

It was a Tuesday night, when I booked my ticket for the ferry. The following Saturday I left Dover at 3:20 and I arrived at the aire in Arras at 8am and after a day without sleep, it was time to go to bed. It was free to stay on the aire and it is less than 10 minutes from the town centre.

Arras is not a big town, but it is pretty. Saturday morning there is a market there. It is busy, but after noon and after the market is over, it’s quiet. There are two main squares, the Grand Place and the Heroes Square. Both squares are lined with many shops and cafes. There is parking in the Grand Place. In the Heroes’ Square there is a belfry and the town hall, both are magnificant. Under the town hall, there are Boves, I did not go there, but I visited the belfry. From where you can see the town and surrounding countryside.

Like other places in the north of France, there are attractions from the Great War. I visited Carrière Wellington, the memorial to the Battle of Arras. I went 20 meters underground to see the conditions of the Commonwealth soldiers before the Battle of Arras. I also visited the citadel, but I did not find it interesting. I find that I do not want to see the attractions from the Great War, but I prefer to see the architecture of the city and to practice speaking French.

I was not dissappointed with the architecture in Arras and I was able to practice a little French. Arras is perfect to see in a weekend. I loved it here, I will come back.


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