Planning my tour – France and Spain (Spring 2018)

This spring, I have decided to go to France and Spain.  I wouldn’t normally try and take on this journey at this time, but I have a few more days annual leave remaining than usual and after visiting Provence last year, I know it’s not too much further to Spain.  For the last couple of years, I have wanted to visit Spain. I intended to go last summer, but changed my mind and went to Greece instead, which was amazing.  But the idea of visiting Spain hasn’t left me.

As I normally do, I will catch a late night ferry from Dover to Calais.  The last time I did this route, I found a car park in Étaples, where I managed to get a few hours sleep before moving on.  I hope I can find the same place this year.  I’m also trying something different, I’m usually keen to get to my first destination as quick as possible, but this time I am going to make several detours and see some of the sights.  My first port of call is Chartres, I’m keen to see its cathedral while I am in the area.  But more than that, I want to see the Château de Chambord.  I enjoy visiting castles and stately homes and often I will look for them on my travels.  I particularly enjoy learning about their history and seeing the architecture.

My next stop will be Château Turenne near Brive-la-Gaillarde, this is likely to be a long day, but I don’t mind this so much.  I plan to stay on the aire at Rocamadour, apparently the views of the town at sunrise are amazing.  I will then head for Biarritz and stay there the night, I have been before, but I didn’t stop and take in the sights.  The following day I will visit St-Jean-de-Luz, which again looks amazing, before reaching Spain.

I will head for San Sebastián first, it’s been recommended.  I am likely to use it as a base, or at least stay there until I decide where to go next. This for me is the joy and freedom that a motorhome provides. The idea of seeing Burgos appeals to me, but I think it may involve a little too much driving for me to consider this time.  I certainly will be going to Barcelona, which is one of my must see places.  When I was young, I visited the Montserrat monastery with my family,  so I would like to revisit it.  There will be other places that I will want to see whilst I am in this part of Spain, such as Girona.  I haven’t been able to make up my mind on where else I will go, but it’s easier to decide when I there.

Follow me as I take my first motorhome trip to Spain.  Until next time.

Route to Spain
My route to Spain

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