Colmar (March 2017)

After leaving Eguisheim I made my way to the aire at Port de Plaisance, in Colmar. For €11.22, I had free electricity, toilets, showers, wifi and the town centre was only ten minutes away.  

Colmar is reasonably well kept and it’s difficult to argue with its beauty. But for me, something was missing, something to excite me, to draw me around the next corner. ‘Little Venice’ too was a disappointment. A canal of a few hundred metres with the added option of a tour on a motorised punt, does not compare to Venice. Although other towns in the region also try to draw similar comparisons, so maybe the presence of a canal within a 1000 miles of Venice, is all that is required to to claim the title.

DSC_0229DSC_0230DSC_0251DSC_0254After a few hours, I was heading back to the motorhome; that was until Colmar completely redeemed itself and threw the biggest and best parade that I have ever seen. The floats, the beat of the brass bands, their interaction with the crowd was electric. I found myself falling for Colmar. Colmar, you cheeky thing, you kept the best for last and exceeded my expectations.

IMG_4775IMG_4779IMG_4784IMG_4798IMG_4801IMG_4876IMG_4935IMG_4958IMG_4965IMG_4979IMG_5005The crowds for the parade soon dispersed and tomorrow, so must I. As I make my second visit to Annecy, before moving on to Chamonix and Mont Blanc.

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