Lyon (March 2016)

Lyon is the third largest city in France and is dominated by the Basilica at Fourvière. The Basilica can be reached by taking the metro to Vieux Lyon and either continuing with a short cable car ride up to Fourvière, or a longer trek up the stairs.

IMG_3530IMG_3536IMG_3544IMG_3545The Basilica is impressive and feels like a ‘double decker’ church, such is the size and magnificence of the building. The views over Lyon from the Basilica are breathtaking, even on a overcast day, and worth the journey itself.

IMG_3559The St Jean Cathedral in the old town (Vieux Lyon) is also worth a visit, before the Basilica was built, it was the main church in Lyon.

IMG_3574IMG_3572No trip to Lyon can be considered completed without a trip to the museum of Fine Arts. The kindness of strangers, never ceases to amaze me; as we were about to enter the museum, a couple approached us and gave us a free entry ticket for a party of four. Merci Beaucoup. The museum is situated on La Presqu’ île (Almost Island) between the Rhône and Saône rivers and claims to be the largest Fine Arts museum in Europe and is a definite must see.

IMG_3582IMG_3581On the ‘Big Slope’ of La Croix-Rousse you can discover the old silk crafts district and Roman amphitheatre, which may not be as impressive as that found in Fourvière, but still well preserved.


La Croix-Rousse does provide some great views of Lyon, but has a different feel to Fourvière, possibly due to the influence of the silk industry.

IMG_3556Further down the ‘Big Slope’, we entered the Place Sathonay and happened across an Amsterdam themed bar, the Dam pub, which offered the perfect ambiance for a evening with friends and one or two La Chouette beers.

There is a lot more to do and see in Lyon, the fort St Jean, a boat ride on the Saône and the gastronomy that makes Lyon famous, so a trip here is recommended. For now, my stay at Lyon has come to an end, tomorrow I head north, to where I do not yet know.

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