Annecy (March 2016)

The journey to Annecy did not go to plan, as is often the case.  A delayed ferry meant I landed in Calais nearly an hour later than expected.  I arrived at my first choice Aire in Le Cateau Cambresis to find it full.  Undeterred, I headed for my second choice, the Aire at Catillion Sur Sambre was perfect for a quick nap before continuing my journey.

The Aire at Catillion Sur Sambre

A 7:00 am start, saw me heading for Hirson and looking for fuel and a supermarket.  The going was quite slow and the temptation to head for Reims and the motorway tolls was almost irresistible.  I hoped to make better progress further on towards Charleville-Meziers.

Montilbert in the Ardennes is certainly a lovely location to lunch.  If time allowed, I would have stopped at the fortified hilltop town of Montmédy, I imagine the views are magnificent.

I eventually picked up the A30 / A31 near Metz, bypassing Dijon, coming off at Dole and in time for another refuel. The Dole, Lons-Sur-Saunier route to Annecy was some of the most exhilarating driving I have experienced, it would be have also been some of the most picturesque, if were not dark as I crossed the Haut Jura.  The D33 to Lons-Sur-Saunier was particularly challenging, my satellite navigation does insist on taking me on the most inappropriate roads for a 3.3t motorhome.  A route, I am sure, that would not have been possible a few weeks previously.

Arriving in Annecy after 10:00 pm to the joy of finding two spaces left on the Aire.  The Aire is situated about 1 km outside Annecy, the 15 minute walk to the old town makes it an ideal stopover for a short stay.

Annecy is quite beautiful, the day I was there it was very warm for the time of year, no stay can be considered complete without the obligatory boat trip on the lake.

The Palais de l’isle on the Thoiu canal dominates the old town of Annecy.  The quayside is lined with shops, bars and restaurants.  I spent the day roaming around the quay and arcades, taking in the sights and sounds of the old town.

I enjoyed my stay in Annecy, one day is certainly enough to get a feel for the place, I will return in the future.  For now, I prepare to leave Annecy and head for Lyon.

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